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NC Area Delegate (AD)

Please contact local group contacts for meeting information. Feel free to email for additional resources, questions, information, etc. To learn more about the role of an Area Delegate, please visit the S-Anon/S-Ateen Service Manual (SSSM).

** A special note for Lone Members who are without a face-to-face S-Anon meeting, please consider registering as a lone member in NC so you can receive information from the WSO and your NC Area Delegate about S-Anon worldwide. Registering as a lone member in NC can be a wonderful opportunity and connect you with S-Anon members who may reside near you.

NC S-Anon Website

S-Anon World Service Office

If you can't find meeting information for your area, please contact the S-Anon World Service Office:

P.O. Box 17294

Nashville, TN 37217

TEL: (800) 210-8141 or (615) 833-3152