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Please visit the following link to determine if NC (part of the Southeast Region) has a current S-Anon Area Delegate or Southeast Regional Trustee at

A special note for any S-Anon members who identify as a Lone Member (those without a local S-Anon meeting), please consider registering at the WSO as a Lone Member in NC. This will connect you with the World Service Office and with the NC Area Delegate. This can present wonderful opportunitities to connect with other S-Anon members who may reside near you.

If you are an S-Anon Family Group and need to update any group information, please do so by one of the following options:

For Information about S-Anon/S-Ateen, please visit:

S-Anon Member Site

Please note that S-Ateen members (ages 12-19) are part of the S-Anon Fellowship and may attend any S-Anon meeting. There is information available at here for teenagers who are affected by the sexual behavior of a family member or friend. There is a weekly virtual S-Ateen Family Group available.

S-Anon World Service Office (WSO)

P.O. Box 17294

Nashville, TN 37217

TEL: (800) 210-8141 or (615) 833-3152

Contributions can be made here.