Piedmont Triad Area

Important Notice:

The following are closed meetings, which means that in order for individuals to attend, there must be a problem of sexaholism/sex addiction in a relative or friend. Please contact us via email with any questions.

Winston-Salem, NC

Thursday New Hope S-Anon Meeting at 7-8 pm

Due to COVID-19, the Winston-Salem New Hope S-Anon Family Group is meeting virtually by phone. The best and quickest way to get in touch with us directly is through our confidential group email at winstonsalem.newhope@gmail.com.

If you are a newcomer, please contact us directly - we are available!

Greensboro, NC

Wednesday Step and Tradition at 7-8 pm

The Step and Tradition Meeting still meets Wednesdays at 7pm, but is now a Zoom virtual (video and phone) meeting. Newcomers are welcome to join. For meeting details, please email triad.sanon@gmail.com or call (336) 540-1999.

Saturday Keys to Recovery at 9-10 am (Beginner's Meeting)

The Keys to Recovery Meeting still meets Saturdays at 9 am but is now a Zoom meeting. Information for meeting can be received by contacting the email triad.sanon@gmail.com or calling 336-540-1999.